When you Donate to Transcendence, you are making a powerful difference with Art, Youth, Education, and Health.

It’s easy to turn your enthusiasm for Transcendence into a commitment that helps sustain and grow the positive impact we can make together.

Transcendence is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible, as permitted by law.

To make a donation by phone or for more information, please contact Brad Surosky at 877 424-1414 or

2020 Broadway Under the Stars single tickets are on sale for Donors! Another great reason to donate today.

Give a RECURRING Donation

Give a RECURRING donation to Transcendence Theatre Company.

Give through our secure, fast, and simple online Donation Form to support our organization with your RECURRING donation.

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Give a ONE-TIME Donation

Give a ONE-TIME donation to Transcendence Theatre Company.

Give through our secure, fast, and simple online Donation Form to support our organization with your ONE-TIME donation.

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Donate the Gift of Stock

Donate Stock to Transcendence Theatre Company through our partner service Stock Donator.

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Donate to Transcendence Arts and Values Education Fund

To provide equitable access to arts education and inspire youth to go beyond their usual limits.

We believe that arts education is a pro-active solution to making our world a better place. Join us!

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Estate Donor

Give through Endowment Gifts

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Your name and legacy will live on while assuring that Transcendence will make an extraordinary difference for years to come.

Legacy Donor

4 Year Commitment

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Legacy Donors commit to on-going support of Transcendence. These supporters are an integral part of our family as we move into the future.

Vision Donor

1 Year Contribution

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Make a difference now by contributing to the mission of Transcendence with your annual gift. No amount is too small to support our year-round programming.


Your Donation is Tax Deductible

Transcendence Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please note that, in keeping with IRS regulations, the fair-market value of certain benefits is not tax deductible. The tax deduction is limited to the excess of the contribution over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for your donation.

Fair Market Value of Benefits Received

Vision Donors

    • Patron (Donation Amount: $1,000+) – FMV: $188
    • Friend (Donation Amount: $2,500+) – FMV: $298
    • Inspirer (Donation Amount: $5,000+) – FMV: $298
    • Innovator (Donation Amount: $10,000+) – FMV: $596
    • Pioneer (Donation Amount: $15,000+) – FMV: $894
    • Adventurer (Donation Amount: $25,000+) – FMV: $1,490
    • Trailblazer (Donation Amount: $50,000+) – FMV: $2,384
    • Visionary (Donation Amount $100,000+) – FMV: $2,980

Legacy Donors

    • Patron Legacy (Donation Amount: $1,000+) – FMV: $298
    • Friend Legacy (Donation Amount: $2,500+) – FMV: $598
    • Inspirer Legacy (Donation Amount: $5,000+) – FMV: $598
    • Innovator Legacy (Donation Amount: $10,000+) – FMV: $894
    • Pioneer Legacy (Donation Amount: $15,000+) – FMV: $1,192
    • Adventurer Legacy (Donation Amount: $25,000+) – FMV: $1,788
    • Trailblazer Legacy (Donation Amount: $50,000+) – FMV: $2,682
    • Visionary Legacy (Donation Amount $100,000+) – FMV: $3,278

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