Culture Philosophy

Our Culture Philosophy


The Transcendence culture invites creative expression, the opportunity to grow and develop as professionals and artists, and a supportive environment to show up as your authentic self.

Our Values


We commit to creating extraordinary experiences onstage and off and we believe every person is a Transcendence Artist.  

  • Act and communicate with kindness
  • Commit to deepen our connection with self, each other and the community
  • Be present and in the moment
  • Live with authenticity and optimism 
  • Believe in unlimited potential and achieving what’s possible
  • Trust in ourselves and each other to navigate adversity with grace, courage and an open heart
  • It’s the presence of transcendent energy – “going beyond and rising above the limits of ordinary experience or exceeding usual limits”
  • Committed to the creation of art that inspires people to cherish life and live it to the fullest, even in the face of challenge and adversity


We commit to creating a culture of belonging without a sense of otherness as we practice diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and unity.

  • We embrace and celebrate differences
  • We are committed to every person being accepted and seen for who they are
  • We create a safe and comfortable environment for every person to feel valued and appreciated
  • All ideas and voices are welcome – we value diversity of thought, opinion, and artistic/creative expression
  • We stand for theatre as an opportunity to unite
  • We seek creative opportunities to make theatre available to all


We commit to inspiring our community and beyond.

  • We deeply care about, and act in service and support our communities
  • Commit to creating experiences that bring community together 
  • Seek opportunities to connect with and participate as members of our many communities 
  • Commit to bringing Transcendence values to life as role models 
  • Act as stewards of hope, authenticity and optimism 


We commit to a wise use of all resources entrusted to us. 

  • Wisely consider all relevant opportunities and risks
  • Explore what’s possible and exercise prudence in growth and spending
  • Act with fiscal responsibility through a balance of aspirational expansion and grounded planning



We invite and value all voices and we trust and respect each other’s roles and decisions.

We begin with the assumption that we all have positive intent and are doing our best. 

We invite open and honest communication in the spirit of growth and learning.

Conflict is addressed directly and with empathy, honesty and a commitment to building trust and connection. 

We consistently seek to show up as the most authentic and best versions of ourselves.

* Transcendence Theatre Company’s Culture Philosophy was created in collaboration with our strategic partner Laura Campbell from InspireCorps, a company that ignites next level performance through inspiring leaders, teams, and organizational culture.