We stand for theatre as an opportunity to unite

Below are some steps we have taken to expand our value of Belonging:

  • Evolved our Transcendence for All program that stands for theatre as an opportunity to unite our diverse community and seeks creative ways to make theatre more available to all.
  • Created our Culture Philosophy.
  • The Board of Directors created a Culture Committee composed of diverse members of our community that uphold the values of our organization and create strategic initiatives that advance our mission forward.
  • All seasonal & full-time employees begin with an orientation that shares in detail the company’s mission, values, policies, programming, culture training, and resources available during their engagement with Transcendence.
  • Continued workshops by professional DEI consultants for staff, leadership, board members, and seasonal employees.
  • Land acknowledgement practices have been incorporated into first rehearsal rituals and also are recognized in Transcendence written programs.
  • Transcendence Creative Teams have created a process to discuss, debrief, and provide context for all musical selections.
  • A licensed emotional support professional is available to all staff and artists.
  • All artists participate in an “Artist Reflection” where they can openly share feedback on their experiences. Artists also may access any member of the leadership team to schedule 1-1 feedback.