Taking Transcendence To New Heights

Last summer we were overjoyed to raise over one million dollars with our matching challenge at our Gala Celebration. As a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, we rely on the generosity of our donors. Reaching this milestone was beyond-words, and we couldn’t have made it there without the generosity of every individual who donated to Transcendence. We were also the unbelievably thankful recipients of a matched donation, from Vickie Soulier.

In 2017, we were fortunate to have Vickie offer to match donations up to $60,000. For 2018, she wanted to donate again, this time with no limit and no longer being anonymous. Word quickly got out that Vickie Soulier was matching every donation last summer, dollar for dollar. If you attended our Gala Celebration, you likely saw her take on the stage with Brad Surosky.

“I wanted people the know there really was a Vickie Soulier matching their donations,” Vickie says, explaining her decision not to be anonymous this year. “I love Transcendence so much, and I want to help them surpass even their own goals. I give to a number of theaters and artistic nonprofits, but Transcendence is my favorite. They make me happy. You can’t take it with you, so I say support what you love!”

Vickie’s first connection with Transcendence was with a long-time friend who calls Sonoma home. “My friend’s neighbor is a Transcendence volunteer and season-ticket holder,” Vickie explains. “Five years ago, the neighbor gave my friend tickets to a show, and at the last minute, my friend’s husband got sick. She called me and asked if I wanted to drive up from where I live in Marin to see a show. That night, as we sat beneath the stars in Jack London State Historic Park, I got goosebumps while watching the artists on stage. There was magic in the air! The very next year, Transcendence came to perform at the Marin Civic Center, and I was so excited. After seeing that second show, I called Brad and told him I wanted to be a donor.”

Since then, Vickie’s support for Transcendence has continued to grow. She has even given herself the title of Best Fan Ever. Inspired by the Transcendence attitude of having the Best “___” Ever, while attending a donor event, Vickie filled out her name tag as “Vickie, Best Fan Ever.”  When asked what she envisions for the future of Transcendence, Vickie painted a picture of growth.

“Their home in Jack London is beautiful, but being outdoors means they can only perform a few months out of the year. If they could find a winter home in an indoor space, they could do so much more… maybe even write their own show one day. This is an amazing, talented group of people. They do so much for the community, and I want them to be able to fully realize their Big Dream.”

Transcendence is a company created to rise up and make a difference in the lives of our audiences and our community. We are only able to achieve our goals thanks to the support of our extraordinary donors.

Here’s to Vickie, or as she’d say the Best Fan Ever.