Ticket Holders

2020 Broadway Under the Stars

Thank You for Donating!

Wow, we’re blown away by everyone who chose to convert their tickets into donations. Your support means everything to us.

30 days have passed since our first message was sent out to ticket holders with information on exchanging tickets, and your ticket value has now automatically been donated back to Transcendence. Thank you!

With your help, we’re able to continue our community outreach and arts education for underserved children in the Bay—and even around the world as we reimagine our shows and programs for an online community.

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Free Tickets to the Best Night Ever Online

Join a worldwide community for our 2020 VIRTUAL season. The Best Night Ever Online is a transcendent experience. Four masterpiece collection shows with hand selected footage from the best of our last 8 years of performances. 

Indulge in curated home picnics from wine country vendors, enjoy pre-show entertainment, and feel the Transcendence magic in your own home.

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