Did you know that it is bad luck to whistle at the theatre? This seems a little silly, right? But this superstition originated from the early days of large-scale stage productions. Backstage crews were usually comprised of off-duty sailors, and it was easy to use their hard-earned rigging skills to change sets and bring up the curtains. These crews communicated with each other through a series of coded whistles, just as they would on ships. This meant that an actor strolling through the stage while whistling a show tune could inadvertently prompt a stagehand to lower a light or set piece onto his unassuming head.

So, now that you know why whistling in the theatre is considered bad luck, you can file this information in your mental catalog. Feel free to break it out for trivia nights and cocktail gatherings, or sprinkle it into other suitable conversations.

Photo By Ray Mabry