Transcendence is a story of serendipity — a thousand little moments of impossible happenstance led myself and many others to come together under the banner of living the best life ever.

The story of Transcendence may have started with me, but because of the support from wonderful patrons like you, the story goes on. Thanks to you, the vision of Transcendence Theatre Company has come alive, and so many magical moments  have happened — and continue to happen — every day. Many of you have heard the story of Transcendence, or parts of the story. I could write a book — and someday I will! — about all the incredible stories that led us to where we are today. They’re stories of lives changed, marriages, babies, personal transformation, and so many more. You are as much of a part of this story as I am. The story of Transcendence isn’t about me; it’s about we. One of the most unusual elements of the Transcendence story is where it started: creative collapse. There are moments in your life when you find yourself balled up on the floor, trying to figure it all out again. After years on Broadway and in national television commercials, I hit a wall and wondered if this was all I ever wanted. When you end up in these moments, all you can do is look deep inside to find your passion again. I got back to my feet and knew what I wanted out of life was to reach my full potential as an artist, to get as healthy as I possibly could, and to create something with my art that would make a difference in the world. I envisioned a theatre under the stars where having the best show wasn’t the only goal — you were there to have the best life. Through a series of serendipitous events, my husband and I found ourselves in Baja Mexico, working with friends and strangers from across the United States to bring to life our first Transcendence project, creating art and connecting with the community. It was in Baja that my vision of an outdoor theatre transformed from just my personal dream into something I shared with others. The way I see it, art should be about more than just expressing yourself. If a community has offered you a home, for whatever amount of time, why miss the opportunity to make a positive impact? As I look back on the last decade of the Transcendence story and how far we have come together, I cannot thank you enough for being a part of the Big Dream. I hope you find the stories we share in this newsletter to be interesting and exciting, and that through them, you get to know Transcendence on a deeper level. We are all in this together!

– Amy Miller