Leese Young

Leesa Young

Leesa is a proud California native and is happy to be living in Sonoma County and working with Transcendence. Leesa is self proclaimed “Founding Box Office Manager” and started working with Transcendence Theatre Company during their inaugural season. She is excited to be working with them on Season 6! Leesa is usually the first person you speak with when you buy your ticket and the first person to meet you at the park in the Box Office. This is a big year for her as she is starting a new chapter in her life and excited for all the possibilities. She sometimes goes by the name of Onya. Her love and obsession for Skittles is notorious. She is a big supporter of local theatre and has many friends in several Sonoma County Theatres. She would like to thank her friends, family and tribal members for their unending love and support. She is dedicating this summer to her son Isaac. Thanks to everyone for the Skittles!