Our Team Mom, Susan Hoeffel

Five years ago, Susan Hoeffel was invited to attend a community engagement event where Amy, Brad, and Stephan were speaking to guests about Transcendence. Having just seen a Transcendence show the previous summer, Susan was intrigued and wanted to learn more. Afterward, Susan was eager to show her support.

“I had a very left-brained career in business nance,” Susan explains. “I enjoyed my job, but I didn’t have many opportunities to tap into my right-brained artist side. In my early years, I was a dancer, and that was something I missed. Transcendence really inspires that part of my brain; they speak to my heart.”

Susan and her husband, Jan, became housing sponsors and provided Transcendence artists from L.A. and New York a place to stay while they were in town. After a few years, the Hoeffels signed up to be Legacy Donors, a group of our most committed donors who provide ongoing support. Today, Jan is a member of our Advisory Council and Susan our Board Chair. Present at every event Transcendence hosts, Susan is one of our biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

Bringing the kind of steadfast support theater companies only dream about, Susan has become something of a team mom to us. She is dedicated to staying the course in regard to our mission of helping everyone live their Best Life Ever and is willing to do whatever she needs to do to make it happen. Susan has jumped in to help at every opportunity, always willing to call ticket holders and regularly bringing innovative ideas that help us go beyond every day. Not to mention all the nice things she says about us.

“Seeing the work Amy, Brad, Stephan, and all the artists put into each show inspires me,” says Susan. “I love seeing how they top each show year after year, and I look forward to seeing what they’ll do next!”