Every summer, during Transcendence Kids Camp, cast and crew members work with kids to inspire creativity, build confidence, and teach them lessons about theater. Annette Lee is a young woman who’s attended Kids Camp since its very first year, and she’s been able to bring the skills she’s learned with Transcendence into the community. Last summer, Annette joined “The Passage Project,” a special workshop founded by local director, Cat Austin. Their inaugural performance, “Unleashed”, featured five amazing teenage girls who told their stories through song, monologues, dance, and poetry. With Cat’s facilitation, and drawing from skills she learned in Kids Camp, Annette was not only inspired to write a number of original songs but also work as a leader for one of the group songs. Annette isn’t the only member of the

Lee family to be inspired by Transcendence. Her younger sisters also participate in Kids Camp, and her mother, Shannon Lee, was reintroduced to her longtime love: tap dancing. The Lee family has been a Transcendence patron from the very beginning. Before the company even had a stage, Annette’s mother and grandmother showed how much they believed in the Transcendence dream when they became some of the first patrons. This July, we’re thrilled to feature Annette’s original song from “Unleashed”, performed by Transcendence artists on the very stage our patrons helped us build!