Martha McKee, lovingly known in our Transcendence family as “Zazzle,” has been an invaluable volunteer since our first season. Captain of the wine pouring team, Zazzle got her nickname after she used the website to create a bag with the Transcendence logo. The bag was created specifically to carry supplies between the picnic and indoor bar. She’s a nightly presence, running the picnic and wine bars while teaching new volunteers how to show audiences the best night ever, even before performers take the stage. In addition to bringing her amazing spark to each night, Zazzle is a true Transcendence ambassador, sharing our story wherever she goes, including her neighbors on airplanes. “If someone doesn’t look like they want to chat, of course I leave them to their book. But when I meet someone as talkative as myself, Transcendence always gets worked into the conversation,” Zazzle admits. “People get so excited. I can’t offer them anything free, but it’s fun to tell people about the amazing experience of Transcendence and offer them the opportunity to have the best night ever. At least three couples I spoke to on a plane ended up catching a performance!” Creating Transcendence has always been a team effort, and what we have today wouldn’t be possible without incredible volunteers like Zazzle. We’re all in this together. As Zazzle says, “We’re all agents sharing the Transcendence experience.”