Kristin and David Say  #IPostItWithMyHeart

Kristin Piro and David R. Gordon are both talented artists who have been  involved with Transcendence for many years. Most recently, Kristin was part of “The Ladies of Broadway” cast, and David sang our summer theme song, “Best Night Ever.” Transcendence can claim its fair share of matchmaking success, but Kristin and David actually began dating shortly before they joined our team. David heard about Transcendence from a friend, and Kristin was encouraged by our creative director, Tony Gonzalez, to give it a try.

“Broadway is wonderful and booming, but at the end of the day, it’s all work and hustle,” Kristin says when talking about what draws her to Transcendence. “When you come to Sonoma and Transcendence, you find an artistically fulfilling experience. It’s such a great place to work.” “Transcendence is refreshing,” David adds. “You have an opportunity to come out and be yourself on stage as an artist. So often, we hide behind the part we play. At Transcendence, you get to be you. It’s terrifying but also so exciting.”

Transcendence is the only time David and Kristin have been able to work together since they started dating. As busy artists, they often have conflicting schedules, so they developed a habit of leaving messages for each other scrawled on Post-it notes. It was this habit that inspired David to orchestrate a truly creative proposal when he asked Kristin to marry him last May.

David instructed friends and family members to share photos of hearts drawn on Post-it notes with the caption “Sending love #ipostitwithmyheart” to Instagram. After Kristin spent all day seeing the photos, without realizing the love being sent was meant for them, David got down on one knee with a box of Post-its. At the bottom of the box, there was an engagement ring. Good news: She said yes!

There’s no wedding date just yet, but Kristin and David have decided to hold the ceremony in Sonoma. “Everyone is so generous and welcoming. No one treats you like a stranger, and it really feels like home. Sonoma is such a supportive community, and we can’t imagine saying ‘I do’ anywhere else!”