Roy Lightner Returns for Those Dancin’ Feet

Transcendence fans have come to expect an exciting, dance-focused third show of its Broadway under the Stars summer season at Jack London State Historic Park. Last year was no exception – it was a smash hit, setting a high bar.
So, how do we follow up? How do we start from scratch and build a dance-focused third show that will be fresh, new and equally engaging? (Spoiler alert, so far we have faced the same challenge in every one of our seven seasons.)
This year we wanted a triple threat – a creator, director, choreographer who was not only a proven and recent award winner, but also was familiar with the magic of Transcendence under the Stars!
Do such people exist? Yes, they do!
Currently an Assistant Professor on a tenure track at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Roy Lightner is well known to long-time Transcendence fans, having been involved in a number of our productions over several years, including being voted BroadwayWorld San Francisco Award for Best Director in 2015 for Oh What a Night!
Since then, in addition to his professorial duties at UAB, he has been very active teaching, directing, choreographing and conducting master classes for theatre groups around the country. He was recently honored with the National Arts Award for Directing Legally Blonde and a Kennedy Center Award for “Excellence in Directing” for Hairspray.
When we asked, he was delighted to have the opportunity to return to Sonoma and direct our third show of the 2019 season.
And with that, Those Dancin’ Feet was conceived.
Still in early development, staging and casting, Those Dancin’ Feet’s is envisioned as a first. A linear narrative revolving around three couples, as they interweave and dance their way through life. Another Transcendence song and dance spectacular not to miss! Book your tickets now!