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The first time I saw Transcendence at Jack London State Park, I was blown away. I had no idea what a treat I was in for. From start to finish I had chills running up my arms & a big smile on my face! I loved them so much I bought a condo in Sonoma (I live in Marin) so I could be closer to the Park & attend all their shows. Transcendence makes me HAPPY!

Vickie Soulier

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Transcendence Theatre Company
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10 Seasons of Love

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Is there a fee for donating stock?

No, there’s no additional fee to donate your stock.

Do I have to use my own brokerage?

No, our stock donation process initiates and manages your stock transfer request.

What’s a Legacy Donation?

Our Legacy Donors commit to donating the same amount (beginning at $1,000) annually for 4 consecutive years. Legacy Donors are eligible for many exclusive benefits including invitations to parties, VIP tickets to the shows, and a Legacy pin!

What’s a Vision Donation?

A Vision Donation is a one-time donation of any amount. Donations of a certain quantity make a donor eligible for benefits, which are listed on our website.

What’s a member?

A member has made a donation of $114 or more. Member benefits vary by donation amount, expire after one year, and are listed on our website.