Holiday Magic from the Broadway Holiday Spectacular Cast…

Ask anyone young and old if they look forward to the holiday season, and you will hear that it is their favorite time of the year. Whether the holidays bring back warm memories of being a child and sharing the magic of the season with Santa or make you happy because you know you will be spending time with family soon. We can all agree that when it comes to the holidays, we wish we could hit the pause button to take in the sights, the smells, the faces of glee and sounds.

It’s those reasons that we created a Broadway Holiday Spectacular. We wanted to bring more magic to the season with a show that could inspire and deliver warm thoughts, joy and a moment for family and friends.

We asked the cast to this year’s Broadway Holiday Spectacular to tell us about some of their favorites about the holiday season:

What is Your Favorite Christmas Song?

“All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey was the top response. Who can argue, that song really has held up the test of time. However, “White Christmas” was a classic that also received a large amount of cast picks. Which of your favorites will make it into the holiday show?

Favorite Holiday Movie?

It’s A Wonderful Life and Home Alone were the top movie picks by our cast. Incredible to see that one of the oldest movies (It’s a Wonderful Life) around still stands up the test of time. And we’ll never tire of Kevin McCallister’s tricks or dreaming of his house.

Favorite Holiday Food?

To our cast nothing is more their favorite than Cookies! Cookies of all varieties dominated their answers for Holiday grub choice. Maybe we should incorporate a cookie exchange into one of the shows next year?

Favorite Holiday Traditions?

New pajamas, decorating the Christmas Tree and cooking were the most in common traditions.

What are you most grateful for this holiday season?

The winner all around…Family and Friends. We don’t need to say more. After surveying our cast, it was very clear that they shared the love for the holidays just as everyone else does. We loved hearing about their favorite and sometimes quirky traditions which is why we decided to incorporate them into our Holiday Show. We wanted the cast to feel the magic of the holidays just as those in the audience will be doing.

Discover these holiday traditions old and new at this year’s Broadway Holiday Spectacular. Sing along to your favorite holiday songs, laugh and dance to a performance that you will be talking about the rest of the holiday season. Bring your family and friends and make it the beginning of a new tradition.

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