A Warm Welcome to our Board Additions!

Welcome back Rob Chimsky and new addition Fabiola Sotomayor

Bio and Testimonial from Rob Chimsky:

Rob Chimsky has pursued a number of different paths representing diverse interests including business executive management, strategic consulting, wine history, supporting the arts, photography, and expedition travel. He is an accomplished telecom industry expert having served for over thirty years in senior positions at both operators and consulting including head of technology at Nextel followed by over fifteen years as the Chief Technology Officer at inCode Consulting. Rob has a unique ability to combine both technical and business environments to create the most appropriate strategic vision for his clients.

Rob brings to Transcendence a rich background in corporate governance, communications, and Marketing.

He has served on the Boards for the Sonoma International Film Festival and The Trey McIntyre Project (a modern ballet company). He is a minority partner at Deerfield Ranch Winery in Sonoma and has recently completed a book on the history of grapes based on five years of research and writing. He has traveled to over eighty countries with a particular focus on less traveled areas to photograph culture and wildlife.

Rob spent his childhood in Cincinnati, Ohio with an undergraduate Business degree from the University of Cincinnati. He was transferred as part of his employment to the San Francisco area and received his MBA from St. Mary’s College. He currently resides with his wife Nancy in Kenwood, CA.

“I look forward to returning to the Board of Transcendence after taking about a year off to support some family health issues. The past year has certainly had its share of unique challenges and hope my experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit worlds will enable some insights that I can apply to the path forward. My love for performing arts started early as my parents loved the theater and we made trips from our home in Cincinnati to New York where we saw many original Broadway productions.

I have served on the boards of a modern ballet company and the Sonoma International Film Festival, so have a strong appreciation for the role of a Board member in an arts organization and the arts in Sonoma County.

My experiences have demonstrated to me that the arts really can have a significant impact on the community served. Working with Transcendence as an audience member, patron, and Advisory Council member before joining the board has allowed me to see the organization from many perspectives. As both Sonoma and the larger world transition into a post-Covid environment both the opportunities and risks are magnified. The arts environment will certainly be different, but I believe Transcendence is well positioned to strengthen our engagement with audiences and uplift the local community while creating a sustainable program for future growth.

I am energized to begin working again with the talented leadership and staff of Transcendence, as well as inspirational evenings under the stars with our world-class performers and broad base of supporters.”- Rob Chimsky

Bio and Testimonial from Fabiola Sotomayor:

Fabiola has resided in Sonoma, California for eleven years with her husband and twelve-year old daughter.

Fabiola has always had five passions in life: love for her family, travel, dogs, theatre and living life to the fullest. Her love for travel and theatre began when on planned family vacations in Mexico, Canada, the United States and Europe. Fabiola is fluent in Spanish, English and conversational Italian and considers herself an eternal optimist and a citizen of the world.

Since Fabiola was a little girl, her parents instilled in her and her sister their love for travel, experiencing new cultures and a sense of curiosity. Some of her most memorable places she has visited are off the beaten path destinations including secluded beaches, colonial and historical towns in Mexico, Italy, Spain and Morocco. Fabiola’s love for travel only grew as young adult. After attending college in Texas, Fabiola decided to embark on a hospitality career conceived in Mexico with a focus on sales and marketing and an innate desire to create unique and memorable travel experiences.

As a young hotelier, one of Fabiola’s transcendent moments was to take a sabbatical in Florence, Italy where she spent eight months learning the Italian language, Italian cooking and art history lessons where she immersed herself with other students from around the world.

Fabiola’s 18 years of experience in sales and marketing in hospitality has evolved over the years to represent a plethora of unique hotels and resorts with a sense of place and experiences in destinations including San Miguel de Allende, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos in Mexico. After moving from Italy to San Francisco where she worked for San Francisco Travel representing the city of San Francisco, she and her husband moved to Santa Monica, California where Fabiola worked for Montage and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. From Los Angeles, they moved back to the Bay Area to raise their daughter in Sonoma, where they have resided over the last eleven years and where Fabiola has continued her career in luxury hospitality with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Fabiola and her husband Raul have lived in Sonoma, California for the last eleven years
and are deeply rooted in the community they love, embrace and support.

Their daughter is now twelve years old and has instilled their shared passion for travel, experiencing different cultures, appreciating performing arts and a curiosity to embrace a global outlook. Sofia’s favorite childhood memories include attending Broadway performances in cities like San Francisco, New York and London when she looks forward to annual traditions including The Nutcracker, Broadway performances Broadway under the Stars, the Holiday Spectacular the Transcendence Kids Summer Camp.

“I am so excited to join the Board of Directors at Transcendence Theatre Company! I have seen the company grow from its inception and have witnessed what an incredible positive impact they have made in our community. Its magic is experienced by children and adults from all genders and ages who leave every performance feeling re-charged and re-energized as they smile with gratitude and hope for the gift they have just been given to their minds and souls. Transcendence Theatre Company has brought the gift and magic of live performances to thousands of people in the most unique and original experiential format over the last decade. I am looking forward to being a part of the new journey as live theatre evolves, recovers and heals from this pandemic. The work at hand will not be easy, but it will be worth it!” – Fabiola Sotomayor