Alicia Albright: Letting Your Heart Light Shine

From ‘Wicked’ to ‘Frozen’

Alicia Albright, an amazing dancer who has lent her talent to the Transcendence stage, spent many years performing in ‘Wicked’ both on Broadway and the national tour. Several friends and past Transcendence Artists make up Alicia’s Transcendence Dot (her connection to Transcendence). When Alicia finally filled out the application, it was an instant connection. Alicia joined us in the summer of 2015, but first, she made the scariest move of her career.

“Joining Transcendence gave me the strength to leave ‘Wicked,’” Alicia says. “I loved my time with ‘Wicked,’ but I’d known for a while that stage of my life needed to end. I went on a retreat to Bali, where I rediscovered my love of dance. When I went to Transcendence that following summer, I got to work with directors like Eric Jackson and Tony Gonzalez, who believed in me more than I believed in myself. I got to perform in solos where I was truly seen, and I remembered what it was like to feel my heart was shining.”

To date, Alicia has been in nine Transcendence shows, including our Holiday Spectacular, where she performed “Silent Night” in sign language. Alicia loves to share the power of movement both on and off the stage. She teaches yoga, dance, musical theater master classes, and leads courses about empowerment through movement to adults and children. Before each class, she reminds her students to tap their heart lights and show the world the brightness inside of them. This might sound familiar to anyone who has ever been in a Transcendence Circle Up, where we remind ourselves to use our hearts to touch someone’s heart in the audience.

“I remember crying in my first Circle Up when I heard this,” Alicia says. “I finally found my tribe. I wish I could stay with Transcendence all the time, but I know I have to forge my own path.”

Alicia has long dreamed of originating a Broadway show, and this dream came true in 2018 with Disney’s Broadway production of “Frozen.” Before each audition for “Frozen,” Alicia tapped her heart light as a reminder to bring that Transcendence energy to the audition. She got 12 callbacks, and today, she is a swing for 14 different tracks, including two roles.

“I’m in ‘Frozen’ because of Transcendence,” Alicia says. “I have been paralyzed by fear in the past, but now, when I feel those self-doubts creeping up, I tell myself, ‘The Transcendence people would think you are amazing, and you know you can do this.’ Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to go out there and show the world our heart light.”