Fund our Artists of Tomorrow

How Your Contribution Can Make An Impact:
  • $150 covers the cost of a workshop or masterclass
  • $500 covers the travel for an apprentice 
  • $1,000 covers a car rental
  • $2,500 covers supplies and equipment for ALL apprentices
  • $5,000 covers costs for research, development, and implementation of life coaching for apprentices
  • $9,000 and you can SPONSOR an apprentice

Total Amount Raised…

Transcendence Theatre Company is dedicated to uplifting the next generation of artists who will take the performing arts to the next level. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to help cover the salaries of our apprentice artists as well as cover scholarship tuition for campers who otherwise would not be able to attend Kids Camp. We believe in investing in students’ future and increasing youth engagement in theatrical experiences that facilitate meaningful career exploration and the development of professional skills and networks.

You can make a huge impact by making a contribution to our Artists of Tomorrow campaign today!